Baby Elephant Under the Full Moon in Gamba, Gabon

Sometime you experience magic in Gabon.

Driving home from the beach one evening I spotted an elephant family with teeny tiny baby in the forest near the road. I immediately asked Teun to turn the car around so we could go have a better look. We parked a couple hundred feet away and watched as the small family emerged from the forest and crossed the road.

teeny tiny baby elephant crossing the road in Gamba, Gabon

The headed into the field on the opposite side of the road, but had to cross a set a pipes on their way. The baby was so small that it’s mom had to help him/her climb over them.

baby elephant making it over the pipes

We continued watching them graze in the field as the light grew dimmer. Without a tripod this lead to difficult photographic conditions, so mainly I just enjoyed watching as the little baby played with it’s siblings/cousins.

But I couldn’t resist the urge all together…

The sky became a beautiful violet color and the moon rose above the trees illuminating these magnificent creatures

What a magical evening.