Monkeying Around in Yenzi – Gamba, Gabon

One of the best parts about living here is all of the wildlife we get to see on a regular basis. As you’ve noticed from all of our previous posts, we see A LOT of elephants (most likely we see a few elephants over and over again…), but monkeys are also abundant around Yenzi (and Gabon in general). The most common type we see are red capped mangabeys. They’re pretty funny and really curious, sometimes they’ll even come sit on the tree branches closest to where I am and watch me watching them. Here are some of the pictures I’ve managed to take of the red capped mangabeys around camp.

IMGP1774-111 IMGP1752-107 IMGP1748-106 IMGP1722-103 IMGP1704-101 IMGP1698-100 IMGP1697-99 IMGP1685-98 IMGP1662-97



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